Heroic Young Girl Tells of Her Child Porn Ordeal

While post-placement supervision is necessary within Pennsylvania pertaining to domestic adoptions from foster care, zero such law exists pertaining to international placement. As Well As although more than $500 million may be spent on Russian adoptions since the fall of your Soviet Union, Flatley said, "The policy appears to be, in the wedding the examine clears, the little one will be yours."

Mancuso paid out tens associated with a huge quantity of dollars for his adoption of Masha. Yet Atwood said typically, "people do not really offer adoption support regarding money. they tend to be determined through desiring to assist kids get families."

Masha mentioned Mancuso had been friendly and also brought her gifts. but there was in addition one thing strange about him. "I keep within mind asking him if I has been gonna obtain a mother, along with he'd say that he wasn't married, and also that he didn't feel I would," the lady said.

The agents located personal compu ter disks using little one pornography -- but the greatest discovery was to come from Masha herself. Holtz remembers your ex asking: "Is this regarding my secret?" An agent had taken Mancuso inside his house, however even there, he tried to keep Masha through talking through yelling out to end up being able to her.

"They marketed the girl in order to a complete stranger. and allow your ex go," Flatley said.

The street in order to Masha's rescue began countless miles away in the Chicago suburb of Palos Heights. Police Sgt. Mike Zaglifa had been posing as a pedophile around the Internet, where obscene photos regarding children are often traded similar to baseball cards.

It would end up being a unhappy and desperate existence, however since adoption will be uncommon throughout Russia, Masha expected to reside there until she turned 18. Then 1 day, a new divorced 41-year-old American turned up stating he desired to adopt her.

He wasn't wearing virtually any c lothes, the lady said. The initial handful of nights, he touched your ex leg or chest. Then he quickly started touching the girl private parts. As Well As then, several days later, he started raping the woman's repeatedly -- along with getting sexually explicit photographs.

Prosecutors for your state regarding Florida possess announced they also will endeavour Mancuso for the crimes they tend to be saying he committed against Masha on the stop by simply at Disneyworld.

To keep the woman's silent he employed advantages -- too as threats. "He'd let me know never to tell anyone, or else some thing poor would happen," Masha said. "He wouldn't tell me what it would be, yet he'd just say some thing poor would happen. And Therefore I just didn't tell anybody, 'cause I had been afraid."

Months later, Toronto police learned in which the girl abuser had been recently jailed, as well as she had been positioned with a foster family.

But McDade as well as the woman's daughter both say they were never contacted by adoption authorities. Instead, Mancuso's agency relied about a home study ready by method of a Pittsburgh social worker. It states: "Mr. Mancuso is quite capable, willing and also well-prepared for you to supply a secure along with loving home."

He had previously received any 15-year prison sentence inside February 2004 on federal kid pornography charges.

It turns out Masha had not been Mancuso's initial victim. His ex-wife, Doreen McDade, and the 28-year-old daughter, Rachelle, told ABC Information he had carried this out before. He had molested Rachelle as being a child, that they said.

"I feel so much guilt for what happened. After I very first found out he adopted a bit girl I needs for you to have spoke up, I must have mentioned something. I feel somehow responsible," Rachelle said.

Two weeks ago, in the courtroom in Allegheny County, Pa., Mancuso pleaded guilty as charged. The Actual judge referred for you to as it among probably the actual most heinous cases associated with kid abuse the girl had seen and sentenced him to the absolute minimum regarding 35 years inside prison.

She's said she's going public to offer desire to some other abused kids out there.

But Masha spoke anyway. "It had been like, I finally had anyone to talk to. Therefore when I said one thing -- I mentioned everything else. This just all came out," your woman said. Masha had been finally rescued at the ages of 10. The Lady says the girl doesn't know very well what the lady might have done when they didn't come. "I guess I'd be waiting, similar to I does regarding five years," your woman said.

Light at the end with the Tunnel

Jeannene Smith, the lady who arranged your adoption, refused to discuss the particular adoption, citing constraints within Nj law. but the girl issued an announcement to end up being able to ABC News, that said: "The unearthing associated with this horrific enc ounter offers further strengthened our resolve to be able to advocate regarding policy as well as law enforcement resources to assist prevent applicants together with criminal motives coming from turning into adoptive mothers and also fathers within the future."

There can be a restricted availability of kid porn, therefore pedophiles will almost usually be trying for you to find arousing new images -- therefore when Masha's clean photos appeared, this caused the feeding frenzy.

"I'd help make myself consider other things when it was happening," your woman said. "But it often came back to me -- couldn't stop it."

A Desperate search by simply Police

Matthew Mancuso had discovered Masha via an adoption agency throughout Cherry Hill, N.J. He said he wanted to adopt the 5- or 6-year-old Caucasian girl, and also Mancuso picked Masha out from a videotape sent in order to him by the adoption agency.

Zaglifa pretended for you to desire them too, and also st ruck up any conversation using a person using your handle "NkdSister." Right After chatting with him to acquire a bit, he were built together with a gut feeling -- along with traced NkdSister's Web address to Pittsburgh.


Masha was created in the small, industrial area in southern Russia. she doesn't bear inside mind her father, as well as says her mother was an alcoholic. While the lady ended up being 4, Masha says, your ex mother stabbed the girl inside the again involving the woman's neck throughout a drinking binge. Whenever authorities responded, they took Masha away to live inside an orphanage.

Earlier this year, Toronto police took an extraordinary step within their search with regard to a bit girl who was being subjected towards the worst sort of abuse imaginable.

The nightmare began when Masha flew residence using Mancuso to his modest, middle-class house on the outskirts of Pittsburgh. While it absolutely was time regarding bed that w ill initial night, he didn't send the girl in order to your ex room -- he told her to have during intercourse together with him.

She shared with her story for your very first time and also power to ABC News. The Lady ended up being interviewed in the existence of her new adoptive mother, the girl therapist and adviser -- most associated with whom hope that will airing the woman's story may help her heal.

"Even if they're reluctant to tell somebody, it does not really matter what they believe is actually going to happen, it's likely to be for the better," the lady said. "If these people tell somebody, it's going to change."

Tom Atwood, president of the National Council upon Adoption, says he found the research that was performed on Mancuso, and stated it absolutely was "fairly typical." Yet he adds that will Masha's adoption isn't defensible. "Something went wrong, clearly." Adoption experts are specifically troubled by the fact that, based on Masha, there were s imply no residence visits when the girl have got to Pittsburgh. Just one, they say must have turned up a few disturbing details -- like the proven fact that Masha had absolutely no bedroom.

"It's like he stole my childhood," the particular youthful girl, Masha, said. "He took away five many years of my entire life which I could by no means acquire back."

On Might 27, 2003, federal agents Denise Holtz as well as Tom Clinton visited Mancuso's home, searching for that pictures marketed around the Internet. When that they pulled up, they found Mancuso and Masha outside. they immediately separated them, and also Clinton says he could tell Mancuso had been concerned. "He wasn't happy that we were there and also it absolutely was obvious for you to us," he said.

She ended up being the niche associated with pictures that have been showing up inside the hands associated with pedophiles. they showed your ex bound and also raped repeatedly, as well as police could observe her developing older in the photos. These People feared the actual abuse was nonetheless being heading on.

So they digitally removed your ex from your pictures -- just showing the woman's surroundings -- and requested the particular public regarding help.

Mancuso offers mentioned nothing to Masha since he had been sentenced. "He never apologized in order to me," the lady noted.

From Nightmare for you to Nightmare

She has additionally been hired through Masha's lawyer to locate out what kind of pedophile could get adopted the youthful child.

Meanwhile, his actions continue to victimize her. Your Ex photos tend to b e still out there. but she will be bravely putting most that at the particular rear of her. Right now 13, the girl lives in a quiet suburb of a amount of other American city along with the woman's new adoptive mother.

"It doesn't seem they spoken with anyone regarding Mancuso, which they merely took what Mancuso thought to them with deal with value and positioned this kid with him," stated Maureen Flatley, the lobbyist who specializes in adoption as well as youngster welfare.

Any Safeguards?


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